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When performing DIY projects around your home or business remember these helpful tips. They might just save you from calling us with an “emergency”!

  • It’s never a good idea to start your own pump job or water heater or something similar on a Friday afternoon if there is any chance that you will need to call a plumber in emergency mode, he has been working long day’s and is looking forward to some time off, and besides that the supply houses will be closed for the weekend should you need something that we don’t have in stock.
  • Before stacking and burning that brush pile make sure there are no sewer lines, septic tanks or water lines buried below the ground.
  • In the fall disconnect your garden hoses and irrigation hoses to prevent hose spigots from freezing.
  • Planning on hanging some shelves? Try to make sure there is no plumbing in the wall first and don’t use long screws. Are you using a stud finder to locate the support framing? Don’t totally trust it, tap on the wall to make sure you’ve truly located a stud – you may have just identified a plumbing pipe, you wouldn’t be the first person to run a screw into a sewer or water line in the wall.
  • Do you have a remote bathroom or sink that rarely gets used? Every 2 or 3 months turn on the faucet and run a little water or flush the toilet. This will re-prime the fixture’s p-trap and prevent sewer gas smells from entering your home.