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It is our goal to bring you the very best plumbing job possible, using the highest quality parts and still keeping the job affordable. While some people insist on having a price over the phone most people understand how impractical this request is, the plumber really does need to look at the job in order to give an accurate price – think with us for a moment if you will: A caller phones the mechanic and says, “I have a clunking going on in my car, how much is it going to cost?” They could ask and answer a few questions and probably not even come close to what the real problem is, the mechanic simply needs to see for himself before talking about the cost. The plumber that gives a price over the phone rarely comes close to the price he quoted.

We offer up-front pricing, after the plumber has looked at your job he will give you a price to do the work you need done. You can then relax and not worry about if you have a plumber that is trying to be slow so he can get more hours out of you.

We offer a full 2 year warranty on our workmanship and parts that we install, some exclusion’s do apply. If you have plumbing work and would like us to come by and give you a quote feel free to call us at: 541-997-8753 or fill out the form on our Contact Page.