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Seasonal Advice

This is advice you should follow each season to keep your plumbing system working at it’s best.


  • Disconnect watering hoses and irrigation hoses to prevent hose spigots from freezing.
  • Water system sheds should have a heat source of some type preferably thermostatically operated. I personally use an oil filled 120 volt radiator heater plugged into a thermostatic plug I bought at the hardware store. When the temperature drops below 40 Degrees F I’m covered and it’s safe. I used to use a heat lamp and turn it on manually.


  • When leaving on vacation in the winter months always leave the thermostat set in your home at about 50 Degrees F. One year it was very cold for about three weeks, of course lots of people were gone for the winter but one homeowner that did not leave the heat on had his toilets freeze and break! He had a very expensive repair.

Spring or Fall General Maintenance

  • Water systems that use pressure tanks, automatic backwash filters and ultra violet purification should be on a yearly maintenance plan.

At the change of every Season

  • Chlorine injection systems generally are serviced every 90 days.