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Here are some basic safety tips that we at Integrity Plumbing would like you to consider when working or playing around the Florence, Oregon area.

  • Never touch a leaking water heater or water system prior to turning off the electricity to them.
  • Don’t dig deep holes or trenches without calling for line locates. Sometimes outdoor wiring or even house feeder lines are ran in remote areas that one would think would pose no hazard, don’t take a chance, and be safe.
  • When swimming in our lakes stay clear of plumbing pipes, pumps and electrical lines ran in the water. Many people in the Florence area get their drinking water right out of the lake. Sometime rodents, beavers or even bears will chew on a wire or pipe leaving exposed electrical wires that could contain high voltage. If these are touched electrocution may occur. Also if you are going fishing, watch out where you drop that anchor or troll when along shorelines with houses.
  • If you live in a 2 story home, have downstairs plumbing and don’t go downstairs much make a habit of checking that area regularly, especially if you are on a septic tank that might back up the sewer or have a water system installed down there that is not on a quarterly maintenance plan. Those little visits just to check things out could prevent exposure to bio-hazards or property damage caused by flooding.