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Our Team

Don MooreDon Moore

Don loves new construction and service work, mechanical rooms, water systems, radiant floor heat and his customers. Don can take the most complicated plumbing problem and fix it. Don is unusual in the fact that he is so good at both new construction and service work, usually you have a plumber that is one or the other. When he’s not working he enjoys fishing, hunting, projects around the house and time with his family. Don is King of the BBQ, he is famous in our family for his smoked tri-tip! His steaks are absolutely the best too! There is nothing better than when the garden is putting out fresh vegetables and a steak off the grill, Yum- heaven this side of heaven.

Glenda MooreGlenda Moore

Glenda has 20 years experience in the plumbing industry. She operates as office manager and co-owner of Integrity Plumbing Inc. Glenda and her husband Don have 5 grown children and 9 grandchildren whom she loves to spend time with. Glenda loves gardening, canning, fishing, playing percussion and riding motorcycles. At Integrity Plumbing she focuses on having a well-rounded full service plumbing shop that is capable of meeting all of Florence’s plumbing needs. She understands the importance of supporting and contributing to our community and loves to do so. Glenda is active in her church, and has been happily married to Don for more than 22 years.

One of Glenda’s Favorite Quotes:

“He was a bold man who first ate an oyster.”