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Basic Plumbing Shutdown

Integrity Plumbing Inc. is a full service plumbing company serving the Florence community & surrounding areas. Integrity Plumbing prides itself in quality installation and repairs. Remember “you have peace of mind when you’ve dealt with Integrity”.

We are providing a basic check list for those of you who vacation or leave your homes for prolonged periods of time. This will insure longevity of your plumbing and help to prevent property damage while you are gone.

Plumbing Shut Down Checklist

  1. Turn your house furnace thermostat to 50 degrees F. Do not turn heat off to home in the winter and spring season.
  2. Turn the water supplies to your washing machine to the off position. Check washing machine supply hoses for leakage or corrosion. Replace every 5 years.
  3. Turn the electrical circuit breaker off to your water heater.
  4. Unplug any hot water circulating pumps or Instant hot water dispensers in your home.
  5. Disconnect all garden hoses from your hose spigots. Make sure spigots are firmly turned off.
  6. Run cold water in all sinks and tubs for 1 minute to fill p-traps and eliminate potential sewer gas odors from p-trap dry out in your home.
  7. If leaving for more than 2 weeks you may want to turn the water off to your home at your water meter after completing above steps.
  8. Upon your return follow above steps in reverse order to restore your home to its normal function.

Note: Prior to turning circuit breaker on to your water heater after your return, run hot water tap at kitchen sink for approximately 2 to 3 minutes or until all air is purged from water heater to preserve the life of heating elements.